Tatiana Pilon

About The Project

ANA: An immersive journey to redemption aims to reflect upon “Latinxs and representation in children’s media” through questioning “How can animated characters represented by digital avatars increase empathy between user and diverse characters in children’s media?” in order to emphasize the importance of accurate diversity representation on screen and to alleviate the perpetuation of media stereotypes.

The user will experience the narrative through the virtual embodiment and perspective from the villain’s experiences in order to illustrate how children’s media unconsciously has been villainized minority groups and deteriorated the group's’ self-image.

Virtual Reality Embodiment

The technological aspect of this experience constitutes a true immersion into the digital space as the user will have a body in space through an avatar. The avatar will allow the user to experience the narrative as if he/she were the protagonist of the story, translating the user movements in the physical world to the virtual environment through the motion capture technology, Microsoft Kinect. Consequently, the user will be able to walk around the real world and the digital world simultaneously while interacting and exploring the nonlinear virtual narrative.

The digital environment will be constructed inside a game engine, Unreal Engine. The game engine allows the author to develop a cinematic point of view for the user to enjoy. At the same time, the narrative develops aspects and interactivity of a video game. The user will feel as if he or she was immersed into another world.